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How we help.

We help by providing access to a strategic ecosystem of resources, relationships and private investment capital. 

Our goal is to partner with owners and founders of growing businesses and do amazing things. 

We establish meaningful relationships with our partners and fuel the growth process of their business ventures with financial, strategic and operational support. 

Our approach is founded in alignment and trust: with business owners, investors and financiers, to journey together towards growth and value for everyone.

“They understood our business and were able to quickly jump in as an extension of our team and help us drive things forward.”

Eden T. – 5B Solar

“Working with Bandera has been great. My eyes have been opened to new ways of thinking and a deeper understanding of ‘value’ in my business.”

Scott – Atlas Group


Atlas Group

Atlas is an integrated project delivery, engineering and design solutions firm to the water infrastructure sector. 

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5B Solar

5B is an innovative techology business re-engineering the rapid deployment of ground-mount solar farm solutions. 

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The world’s first marketplace platform for sales services. Sella is sales for the new ‘share economy’.

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Duality Health

Duality is a software company focusing on the nexus between healthcare data and blockchain technology.

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Sea Forest

Seaweed as a livestock feed supplement paving the way for sustainable, climate-conscious meat and milk.

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5 Faces

5 Faces is a hardware + software + solutions provider, re-designing the way customers experience the healthcare industry. 

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Gabriel Reyna
Russell Taylor


Garth Paton


Our Why.

We wake up every morning, sometimes stressed, sometimes tired, (many times both) but always motivated because we get to partner and work with some of the most amazing, driven and passionate people. 

We like to get down in the trenches with our partners, shed a few tears, and a lot of sweat. This is the path we choose to create meaningful relationships with real people and shape ideas that will impact the world. 

We emerge from each venture with a bigger family, each having helped one another, and together building something special. 

This is why we we wake up every morning and do what we do!

Are you an owner/founder working hard to grow your business?

bandera = flag

bandera is the Spanish word for flag (the word bandera also sounds cool). The flag, throughout history and still today, is both a visual and metaphorical signal that strikes at the heart of human emotion. It is a symbol for the identity, unity and pride of a people.  

In business, people come together to tell a story, establish an identity and take pride in a purpose. When businesses have a flag mentality, they do some pretty amazing things.

At Bandera, we are people helping others fly their flags, and fly them high.

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