Our growing family.

Atlas Group

Atlas is an integrated project delivery, engineering and design solutions firm to the water infrastructure sector. 

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5B Solar

5B is an innovative techology business re-engineering the rapid deployment of ground-mount solar farm solutions. 

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The world’s first marketplace platform for sales services. Sella is sales for the new ‘share economy’.

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Safety Ammo Co.

Safety Ammo Co is a hardware + software + solutions business making people safer and machines smarter through the use of IoT and robotics.

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Control Works

Controlworks is a leader in building automation and energy management, and offers leading-edge technology solutions for energy efficiency and comfort.

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5 Faces

5 Faces is a hardware + software + solutions provider, re-designing the way customers experience the healthcare industry. 

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ineni Realtime

ineni Realtime is a market leader in the development of interactive visualisations and virtual reality (VR) applications for the built environment and related industries.

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Supported by the NSW Government, L2P is a smart-driving app providing an enhanced digital experience for people going through their driver training journey.

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Powerlink Solutions

Powerlink is a services provider to the commercial building management sector specialising in mechanical, electrical and control systems installation. 

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bandera = flag

bandera is the Spanish word for flag (the word bandera also sounds cool). The flag, throughout history and still today, is both a visual and metaphorical signal that strikes at the heart of human emotion. It is a symbol for the identity, unity and pride of a people.  

In business, people come together to tell a story, establish an identity and take pride in a purpose. When businesses have a flag mentality, they do some pretty amazing things.

At Bandera, we are people helping others fly their flags, and fly them high.

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