How we work.

1 - Pre-Screen Assessment

Our team will work with you to assess commercial fit and identify opportunities for us to support the growth process.

(1 – 2 weeks)

2 - Due Diligence & Strategy

During this phase we deep dive into all key areas of the business and work side by side with you to refine the strategy for the future. 

(4 – 6 weeks)

3 - Alignment & Engagement

Together, we get comfortable and aligned on what to do next, and develop documentation to formalise the engagement. 

(1 – 2 weeks)

4 - Ongoing Growth Partnership

Your business will benefit from a structured approach to value creation and a support ecosystem including hands-on advisors, investors and partners, to help achieve each milestone along our journey towards growth and exit. 

(12 – 24 months)

Who do we work with?

We believe in ‘people-first’ so we generally look for owners and founders that are smart, passionate and want to go on a growth journey.  You’re a go-getter, you’ve built something special and now you need some help. You embrace continuous learning and hard work.

  • Revenue-generating business: $2m – $50m
  • High-growth sectors
  • Differentiated value proposition
  • Global market outlook

If you would like to find out more we encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call, or click the link below to send us an email.

+61 2 9098 4757

bandera = flag

bandera is the Spanish word for flag (the word bandera also sounds cool). The flag, throughout history and still today, is both a visual and metaphorical signal that strikes at the heart of human emotion. It is a symbol for the identity, unity and pride of a people.  

In business, people come together to tell a story, establish an identity and take pride in a purpose. When businesses have a flag mentality, they do some pretty amazing things.

At Bandera, we are people helping others fly their flags, and fly them high.

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