Our A-team.

Gabriel Reyna

Managing Partner

Russell Taylor


Garth Paton


Garth has a passion for business improvement and strategy, having done so in 9 of his own businesses and numerous SME and larger clients over 22 years.

Able to talk systems and processes with frontline staff through to assessing and advising ASX boards on their performance Garth possesses a breadth of skills ideally suited to mid-cap businesses looking to make a step change in their business.

Increasing sales and improving efficiency and profitability has been at the core of every engagement, resulting in strong, out of the box problem solving skills.

Cindy Salom


Cindy is a fiercely curious individual with a passion for business. Her background is in banking and finance for multinational banking group BBVA, and more recently completing a Master of Finance and expanding into private equity. 

She is passionate about leveraging her analytical skills to help businesses through actionable insights and data-driven decisions. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant

Powered by the team at, Amy is our artificial intelligence assistant and handles all of our day-to-day, back office scheduling and administration. 

Peter Leahy

Investment Advisor

bandera = flag

bandera is the Spanish word for flag (the word bandera also sounds cool). The flag, throughout history and still today, is both a visual and metaphorical signal that strikes at the heart of human emotion. It is a symbol for the identity, unity and pride of a people.  

In business, people come together to tell a story, establish an identity and take pride in a purpose. When businesses have a flag mentality, they do some pretty amazing things.

At Bandera, we are people helping others fly their flags, and fly them high.

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